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Your host at Vertes Feuilles, Pascal Martens (°1965), was born in Gent.

Pascal Martens His father was a horse breeder and trainer of a top trotting horse that, amongst others, became third at the world championships at the Yonkers Raceway in New York.
Pascals mother was a designer of fabrics.

Pascal got inspired by his grandmother who was the cook at home.
His grandfather was a butcher by education and built up his further carreer in the United States. He worked at Ford in Detroit and later as a banker. After that he imported race horses to Europe.

Food, wine and gastronomy are keywords in the Martens family. They speak about it and, ofcourse, also enjoy it a lot.

Pascal himself got his education in the hotelschool Ter Duinen in Koksijde. He extended his education with an extra year in hotel management in order to realise his dream with Vertes Feuilles.

He gained a lot of experience in restaurants such as 't Oud Konijntje in Waregem, Byblos (St-Tropez / France), Apicius in Ghent, Auberge du Pêcheur in Deurle, Grand Café Horta in Antwerp en La Reserva (Sitges / Spain).

Pascal also worked four years and a half as a sous-chef in "La Chateau du Mylord (**Michelin).

Since the the start of Slow Food Pascal is an active member and like other members he thinks enjoying the small things in life is very important.

Pascal's 'open mind' also brings him to other countries to explore local cultures, tastes, food and wine.

You can always contact Pascal at