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Aperitif suggestion for the holidays!

‘Sureau de la Vallée’

This “Sureau de la Vallée” is a home-made product of Vertes Feuilles. The recipe is based on the traditional Maitrank, a seasonal flavored wine. Maitrank is a specialty from the Arlon region in southeastern Belgium, obtained by the maceration of sweetscented bedstraw flowers white wine. It’s an old tradition, with testimonies of the drink going back to 854. The addition of sweet flowers was an ideal way to balance the acidity of the wine. The basic ingredients are dry white wine, sweetscented bedstraw, sugar, and orange. Variations include adding cognac, port, cointreau or other liqueurs, cinnamon, and sometimes blackcurrant leaves or lemon. This home-made aperitif, Sureau de la Vallée, is made with elderflowers and organic lemons. The elderflowers are put to macerate in the white wine along with sugar and lemons. Once the drink is ready, you can drink it pure, with some gin or in combination with Champagne or cava. Great as an aperitivo!

To serve:
  • pure
  • with gin
  • whith champagne/cava